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  1. Creativity & Innovation: TORUS consistently invests in research and development to bring fresh and innovative design ideas to projects.

  2. Technical Proficiency & Practical Problem-Solving: TORUS possesses diverse experience in architectural principles and excels in finding practical solutions to challenges.

  3. Cost Awareness & Budget Management: Our team is always mindful of budget constraints, ensuring the delivery of high-quality results within financial parameters.

  4. Collaboration & Communication Skills: With wide-ranging and effective communication skills, our team ensures seamless collaboration essential for successful outcomes.

  5. Adherence to Timelines & Flexibility: Our team is accustomed to tight project deadlines and can adapt to changes in scope, budget, or design requirements.




We are a Guatemalan-based but global Architecture, Design, and Urban Strategic Design Studio focused on design-built commercial, institutional and residential projects, through rigorous research and collaborative process.  Our obsession in understanding our client's needs and vision are a fundamental part of our design process.  We partner with our clients to maximize the impact and value of their real estate assets.  We have a unique vision and talent where we integrate our creative intelligence with our client development strategy.



Our passion for great architecture drives our practice. We are highly committed individuals that constantly strive for setting bar high for ourselves.  We are part of our community and are continuously involved in developing projects for our community.  Our office is our playground where we materialize our clients' ideas and dreams.

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