Our Experience in Design & Build Outs:

+55 Restaurants Worldwide
+30 Kiosks
+10 Retail/Commercial Spaces/Office Space
+20 Residential Projects
+15 Institutional/Cultural Spaces
+10 Hybrid Spaces
  +5 Hospitality Spaces
  +7 Urban/Master Plans

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Our Experience by Typology:



Our commercial work centered around high level of detail and material exploration has facilitated repeat customers for the years that we have carried our architectural practice.  We are a Design + Built practice, where the process of manufacturing is an essential component to a high level of craft.  Our practice is now present across international borders. Our services range from space planning, furniture design, branding, customer experience design and industrial design.



We harness our best talent into projects that have the possibility to create large scale impact.  We carefully select those projects that have urban, health and socio cultural impact. Institutional projects have unique problems, which TORUS has developed an expertise in streamlining decision-making and design optimization to suit any type of institutional space and image requirements.



Our approach to residential architecture is a systematic inclusion of the client's vision through the integration of context and contemporary architecture techniques and materials.  This horizontal approach to design differentiates our results to the extent that foreign clients seek our services.



Our deep understanding of development, economic, and institutional variables involved in the decision-making process, facilitates our ability to design at the urban scale.  Through out the years we have worked conjointly with governmental agencies in large urban scale projects.