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TORUS is one of the leading Construction Documents and rendering outsourcing services providers in the region. Our offices are located in Guatemala City, Guatemala, and our goal is to partner with you in providing solutions that facilitate your project objectives while aligning to your budgetary and time constraints.

Now, more than ever before, design teams are expected to produce more with less human-intensive work force. In today’s fiercely competitive global market, TORUS can help you to keep your costs low, without compromising quality by allowing your firm to focus on generating new leads and customers.

TORUS has an experienced team of Architects, visual artists, and US licensed architects and interior designers, who have been working for more than ten years in developing and mastering the art of outsourcing Construction Documents (CD Sets), product design, space planning, branding and rendering services. Our repeat clients and our work with world renowned brands are a clear example of our compromise to quality and strict delivery dates.

TORUS has successfully worked on various types of projects around the world.   We have a whole team within our firm devoted to fulfilling your outsourcing needs. We have developed a stream-lined methodology, to help you outsource your work as easily and efficiently as possible.



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